Project Details: 


We were approached by The Absolute Journey (luxury travel planners) to design the interiors of their 4500 sft, office space in Bangalore, India.

The site had an old bungalow with an internal courtyard and surrounded by a lot of beautiful trees. The shell of the building was badly damaged, as it was unused for years and altered from its original design.

We set out with an agenda of bringing the old house back to life, by using low cost material, like: exposed brick walls for new partitions, cement boards for cladding / backdrops and strands of cotton ropes as to articulate the ceiling with all the electrical services exposed above.

Also, the demolition of existing walls were kept to the minimum due to the limitations of the load bearing structure. Other elements like the doors, windows and flooring were refurbished to their original working conditions, since we were running on a very small budget.

Another, important aspect of the design, was to make the courtyard accessible to everyone (as it was blocked by security grills and could be accessed only by one room) and to open out most of the spaces like the lobby / work areas and CEO cabins into to the landscape.

The other secondary rooms like the accounts, conference, pantry and toilets remain tucked away from the main envolope, with minimum intervention.

Thus, making the users aware of the old and the new.